Long Hair | Finishing and Braiding

There is nothing more radiant than that perfect dress, matched with the perfect hair on that perfect day. However, for most stylists the thought of creating special occasion hair makes their palms sweat? If you are someone who would like to perfect long-hair upstyles and braids, this is the program for you! So, it’s time for you to jump into it and see how fun and easy long hair finishing can be. Create from simple to exotic designs and have fun in the process. Employ tools, setting techniques and braids to achieve the desired result for your clients dream hair. Also, learn how to properly charge for your long hair services. Gain skill and confidence and enjoy your next formal affair or your next photo shoot.


● Preparing the hair
● Liquid tools – (AKA More Retail Sales)
● Hard tools
● Setting for desired outcome
● Quick simple upstyles
● Advanced styling tips
● Finishing and polishing

Class Duration / Type :

● 2 hour Demo
● Half day – hands in – hands on
● Full day – hands on

Participants Toolbox

● Notebook/IPad/Tablet
● Pens/Pencils
● ¾ inch curling iron
● Flat Iron
● Blowdryer
● Brushes – round, smoothing natural bristle, denman, paddle, teasing
● Combs – teasing, sectioning and styling
● Clips for sectioning
● Updo styling needs – hair pins and bob pins, hair elastics, single prong clips